Beethoven, Bach, Bartok, Brahms and Berlioz

Sepia Saturday this week is mainly about dogs and perhaps other pets. We were never a dog family.  Friends had dogs, but not us.

There was Lanham’s dog in the 1950s, which the children used to ride like a pony.

Or going back to about 1920 my mother’s friend, the Rawnsleys in Hay, had the  ugly pooch on the right.

Some people have both a cat and a dog as found on the internet in 2008 but uncredited.

How to tell of your dog's a loser

How to tell if your dog’s a loser

On the other hand  we were a cat family.  Even my great grandmother’s second cousins in the Borland family, included their cat in a family photo

Borland, R. W. family b

We had a cat most of the time, sometimes black and white but mostly tabby.

But the highlight came in 1975 when we had two Siamese cats.

Let me introduce you to Mumma Mitzi and her five kittens.   A good education for the children.

IMG_0150And what did I name the kittens – Beethoven, Bach, Berlioz, Brahms and Bartok.

There are five kittens in the box but one of them has her head tucked down.

Good homes were found for all of them.

Meanwhile it’s raining cats and dogs over at Sepia Saturday this week.



13 thoughts on “Beethoven, Bach, Bartok, Brahms and Berlioz

  1. Wendy

    My parents both grew up with dogs, but we never had dogs as a family. My sister had a cat. Love that photo of Mumma Mitzi and her kittens — look at those blue eyes!


  2. La Nightingail

    You must be a classical music lover? I love the kittens’ names! Great inspiration. Hopefully, the craziest one is the one you named Berlioz to be in tune with the real one? We’ve had both dogs and cats, as well as birds, hamsters, white rats, turtles, and goldfish. Personally, I’m a great fan of parakeets, but cats are fun to cuddle – if you let them, that is!


  3. Barb Rogers

    Oh you just reminded me of a kitten who was fathered by a siamese, but mom was not…and the kitten had white paws while the rest of his markings were like a siamese. I’d forgotten about Showshoes, or Shu Shu. Lovely post about pets.


  4. Mike Brubaker

    Wonderful! Our previous cat&dog have departed and are now replaced by a dog who has not yet met a cat it would not chase. I have noted that vintage photos of cats are quite rare despite being better at holding still for a camera.


  5. Barbara Fisher

    Mumma Mitzi and her kittens are just beautiful. I so wish I had joined in with last week’s Sepia Saturday, but time was against me. I’ve really enjoyed this post though so that’s made up for it.



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