I’m an Australian woman, living in Victoria.  Apart from a lengthy interest in family history I enjoy reading and writing, embroidery and quilting, Su Doku and TV, politics and current affairs, and anything that doesn’t involve me in  too much exertion. Actually I can get interested in practically anything if someone goes to enough trouble to make it interesting ! I even watched some cricket the other night.

With family history  I often find it’s the side stories which provide me with so much interest, rather then the births, deaths and marriages.

My blogs are

Bound for Australia https://boundforoz.wordpress.com/ for family history

Lazy Coffees http://lazycoffees.wordpress.com/ for books, reading,writing

Rambling around my Life http://diamant-solitaire.blogspot.com.au/ for embroidery and quilting.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Joan

    I dinna see a place to comment on the 7/27 Sepia Saturday blog, so here it is. Isn’t it amazing how something a small as a book that an ancestor kept for years suddenly adds character and flesh to the rather flat picture that records provide. Thanks, really enjoyed the post.


    1. boundforoz

      Originally I didn;t have any names for the band photo so couldn’t make a link to the book.. Then some time ago a Stratford paper published the photo with the names so I was able to make the connection.


  2. otwaylifemagazine

    Hi We are looking for some historical content for our community magazine Otway Life Magazine which is featuring the area Marengo to Separation Creek in the next issue….are you happy to share some of your words and images? I particularly like the piece about your ancestors creating their farm at Apollo Bay and the photos of picnic on beach (Kennet Creek?) and having a cuppa while inspecting the new road…please email me at otwaylifemagazine@gmail.com – thanks in advance Nettie



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