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A Bush Haircut

Australians were very fond of protecting their outside doors with a verandah, which had many other uses.  Here we have a verandah on a farmhouse in north central Victoria, c1949.  It is being used by some students for a money saving haircut during  their weekend visit.

Bush HaircutA future Member of Parliament is cutting the hair of a future Maths teacher, helped by one of the girlfriends while another girlfriend sits on the cool linoleum of the floor behind the wire screen door.  A good short back and sides with plenty of long stuff left on top.

In the background is one of the brothers nursing his rifle – there had probably been rabbit shooting that morning.  And the tripod is out.  It is flat, irrigation country so possibly some levels were to be taken that day.  You can also get a glimpse of the metal plates on top of the stumps, used to protect the house from termites.

A very important verandah.

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