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A 1950 Wedding Dress for the Bride – A Treasure from Trove

I recently wrote about a demure little  Ballerina length evening dress  which was  bought from Renee Rose in Swanston Street,  Melbourne in 1951.

While I had been browsing through the digitised newspapers using Trove I found that the previous year Renee Rose had also been mentioned in the daily Argus in connection with a wedding dress.

The Argus, 1950

The Argus, 15th July, 1950

This dress from Renee rose was said to be the most daring bridal dress in Melbourne and was used to illustrate a comment from the Dean of Melbourne that brides were turning the marriage service into a mannequin parade.  The accompanying article had the clergy putting forward their response to the Dean.

One delightful clergyman was “so distracted by the low-cut frocks  of the bridesmaids that he almost lost the thread of the service”..  From this brief article it would seem that bridesmaid’s frocks were the ones most likely to come in for criticism.

Another even blames the male dress designers as their only interest is designing from the male point of view.

Argus 15-7-1950