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Reading for Women in 1939

This week Sepia Saturday has invited us to start with an old advertisement.  And so I chose this one from a coverless copy of the  Australian magazine Woman  of  5th June, 1939 .  Who could have imagined instant hot water in the kitchen sink.  No more carrying kettles of boiling water over to the sink from the stove.  Marvellous.

sink HWS 1939The magazine has an advertisement on nearly every page with a strong emphasis on cures for colds, tinned food, bile beans, pick-me-up Worcestershire sauce, sewing machines – all things to tempt the housewife.

But I was in for a surprise.  Do you remember this famous opening line ?

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again

This was from Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier  and here it is being serialized in a 1939 magazine.  In this issue they are up to Chapter 6, soon after Mrs van Hopper has been told of the engagement.

Rebecca serial 1939So, the book was published  in 1938, serialized in 1939 and made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940 starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine.  Big Sigh.  Then remade in 1997 starring Charles Dance and  Emilia Fox.  Little Sigh.   I was interested to see it referred to as a gothic romance in the early days but then became a psychological drama once filmed.

And the reason for my mother having saved this particular magazine was that pages 2 and 3 were given over to And Listen to the Band, photos and text about women’s brass bands in Australia, including her sister Hilda Tansey and the Sydney Ladies Brass Band.

pp 2 3 Woman Listen to the Band 1939And the tempting little offer of Free Best Quality Aluminium  ware was available if you saved the labels of Inglis products such as their tea, coffee, porridge, etc, a forerunner of our present day Reward points.

Sepia Saturday gave us this advertisement for nice soft cushions to place on the horse’s hooves.  Other Sepians will have all other kind of interesting ads.