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Unidentfied – but no balls

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Balls.   What possible connection does my family photo album have with balls ?  Very little.

There is one photo of a six year old kicking an AFL football.  There is a globe of the world shaped like a ball and included in the Christmas presents one year.  There were those Waltz-me-around again Willy or Wally- or-whatever your-name-was Balls but they never seemed to get recorded in the family album

So I will go with another one of my unidentified photos.

Unknwn Melbourne Children

Boy, girl, girl, undecided .  I cannot fit this group into our family tree though ti was originally given to me by a relative and I am assuming it was taken in Melbourne.   Possibly the youngest child is a little older than first glance suggests, due to the clothing.  But the children are beautifully groomed and dressed Though I wonder if Mother was impressed when she saw the petticoat peeping out from under the dress. The girls are lucky to each have a brooch to wear on their dress.

I am pleased with the quality of most of my early scans.  It is a relatively small file – 640 x 422 but those were the days of twin floppy discs  and large image files weren’t considered necessary.  But I do wish I had been a better record keeper and knew who lent me the various photos to scan.

Folk Dancing at School in 1970

We sometimes called it Folk Dancing, at other times Country Dancing.  I don’t know how much resemblance there is between the dance that these children are doing and true folk dancing..  But this is what these school children were taught in 1970 for a display at their annual school fete.

So from home movie to tape  to DVD to computer and the gradual loss of quality this is what the St John’s Lutheran School fete looked like in Geelong in 1970, beginning with a display of folk dancing.


The music is Percy Grainger’s Country Gardens.

Other examples of dancing and folk traditions among many other things can be found on Sepia Saturday.


A Quartet of Hats

Hat to the power of four should satisfy Sepia Saturday’s need for groups of four this week.

Put something on your head and  it automatically becomes a hat, in this case 1960s style.


And now, having performed my quartet, I can go and indulge myself by investigating a single postcard with a trip down memory lane.  You can join me to read about

that handsome, dashing hero

The Red Shadow – in Melbourne


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