A Beach Day in Autumn

March 14th  1951

A newspaper cutting from Page 3 of “The Age” the following morning

Three country Victorian girls who had spent the previous year at  Bendigo Teachers’ College .

But here they are  on a beach at St Kilda   in Melbourne on a warm Wednesday afternoon.

Where should they have been ?

Once upon a time I knew the answer to that question but now I’ve forgotten.

But girls in bathing suits, a beach and in this case an unseen newspaper photographer  bears some similarity to another 1951 photo taken  at Bondi Beach in Sydney and used as this week’s prompt by Sepia Saturday.

Further interpretations of Sepia Saturday’s photo can be seen here .

Sepia Saturday 316 Header

Sepia Saturday 316 Header

10 thoughts on “A Beach Day in Autumn

  1. boobook48

    A great match for the theme. The girls look very relaxed and happy so I don’t think they would have been guilty of wagging.



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