Unidentfied – but no balls

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Balls.   What possible connection does my family photo album have with balls ?  Very little.

There is one photo of a six year old kicking an AFL football.  There is a globe of the world shaped like a ball and included in the Christmas presents one year.  There were those Waltz-me-around again Willy or Wally- or-whatever your-name-was Balls but they never seemed to get recorded in the family album

So I will go with another one of my unidentified photos.

Unknwn Melbourne Children

Boy, girl, girl, undecided .  I cannot fit this group into our family tree though ti was originally given to me by a relative and I am assuming it was taken in Melbourne.   Possibly the youngest child is a little older than first glance suggests, due to the clothing.  But the children are beautifully groomed and dressed Though I wonder if Mother was impressed when she saw the petticoat peeping out from under the dress. The girls are lucky to each have a brooch to wear on their dress.

I am pleased with the quality of most of my early scans.  It is a relatively small file – 640 x 422 but those were the days of twin floppy discs  and large image files weren’t considered necessary.  But I do wish I had been a better record keeper and knew who lent me the various photos to scan.


8 thoughts on “Unidentfied – but no balls

  1. Lorraine (Boobook)

    I also have a whole bunch of photos I scanned ages ago, scanned at low res and no record of the source. It’s very annoying but better than not having them at all. The really annoying ones are like yours – no names of the subjects!!


  2. Titania

    I have photos with no identification who the persons are. Yes, the children are well dressed, usually they were for taking photos, as it was a mayor event. No smiles! Just Interest in the proceedings.


  3. jofeath

    Both girls’ petticoats are showing actually, and the boy’s rather supercilious expression makes him look older than his years. Intriguing.


  4. hmchargue

    I too have a bunch of unidentified people in the family photos. I’ve been struggling to get the whole mess organized for years, but the very least I’ve done is to label the people I know.
    I think your scan looks rather good.


  5. Mike Brubaker

    Lost and found images are very frustrating. I recently inherited several thousand digital images from my dad’s collection in addition to hundreds of thousands of slides and prints. Many of the old computer formats are low resolution and I have no idea where the original negatives are. Lots of detective work and good guesses are needed to make identification now.


  6. La Nightingail

    I just received an envelope full of small unidentified pictures taken of people in the late 1800s & early 1900s. I know the basic family the people belong to, but not who the individuals in each picture are. I’m hoping an aunt might be able to help – at least with some of them. Otherwise I’ll just have to label them as belonging – somehow – to a certain family core. Going through old, unidentified photos has made me more aware than ever of the importance of labeling each one of the photos I’ve taken and put into albums over the years!



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