My Adventurer

1509-665Robinson Crusoe in the novel didn’t chose to be an adventurer, but adventurer he was.

So here is my intrepid  mountain climbing younger son  setting off  to conquer Mt Everest in 1972.

Or was that the day for trekking across Antarctica to the South Pole.

Whichever it was  he thanked his sister, his  mother and the vacuum cleaner for providing his equipment, their help and  support, then set off watched over by the greatest mountain climber of them all.

Rodney - mountain climbing 3More desert island stories and adventurers  to be found through this week’s Sepia Saturday post.


17 thoughts on “My Adventurer

  1. Susan Donaldson

    Your post made me smile, too, and, as Little Nell said, you must take the prize for the funniest and most original take on the week’s theme. You showed the power of just one photograph, combined with an entertaining commentary.


  2. Mike Brubaker

    I’m glad you explained the spirit of Sir Edmund. I could not figure out how his likeness came to be applied so well to a checkered shirt. Maybe New Zealand had very skilled silk screen printers?


  3. tatteredandlost

    This is fantastic and I hope children will always be adventurous in mind and spirit. I fear too many are becoming video game drones and/or cell phone drones. Imagination is not encouraged in so many schools.



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