The Alien’s Egg is Ready to Hatch

Library 1 b


An Alien’s Egg.  That is exactly what Geelong’s new Library and Heritage Centre looks like.  And it is due to hatch on November 21.    Every day the workers are swarming around and cossetting it in preparation for the big delivery day.

Johnstone Park

An earlier postcard of Johnstone Park at the State Library of Victoria :


This impressive  building overlooking Johnstone Park and its bandstand  had the Town Hall, some Council Offices and the Art Gallery.  Victoria’s oldest surviving municipal building was built in 1855 and further extensions blended in tastefully until now.  The old Library and Heritage Centre was tucked in the back right hand corner.

library roof jan 2015

Adding the roof, January 2015 From

But the old Library and Heritage Centre  needed expanding and have now been replaced with this golf ball. a bulbous  appendage soaring over the back of the building.

Don’t misunderstand me.  It is  a nice building with an interior which promises to be very useful with all its high tech appliances.  Strange though that when I read reports about it  I rarely see the word book.

This is to be our central Lending Library. Wouldn’t it have looked lovely if it were were nestled into parkland  or rolled onto a point overlooking the bay – think Sydney’s Opera House.  Or how about floating on Corio Bay – now that would be something.  There is also the golf course on Belmont Common.  This  shape could look quite cute sitting on the river bank.  It is not the building which is offensive,  it is the positioning  of it.



11 thoughts on “The Alien’s Egg is Ready to Hatch

  1. jamestaylor

    It’s different . . . um, very different . . . yes.
    I know something new often meets with criticism at first — the Sydney Opera House, for instance, but we accept them over time.
    Perhaps, the good people of Geelong have made the right choice, or maybe they have laid an egg?


  2. jofeath

    It looks interesting and very appropriate for this week’s prompt. I can’t say the same for the horrific structure projected for a casino dominating Corio Bay that featured in the paper last week!


  3. Mike Brubaker

    The dome/egg addition certainly fits our theme but the combination of architectural styles may require a new appreciation of building art. I’m glad to see the bandstand has been preserved.


  4. La Nightingail

    You’re right about the positioning. Had it been built by itself in a space all its own, it would certainly be impressive. But crammed in with older buildings of another style completely it just looks silly. What a shame because it really is a work of art but totally out of place where it is. But folks will get used to it. Modernistic architects get a little carried away sometimes. My brother worked in the ‘Starship Enterprise’ in Fresno, Calif. – the nickname given to their new city hall.


  5. alanburnett1

    There is a wonderful balloon-like feel to the dome. I am not sure about implanting new buildings within old ones. They have just done a similar thing with Bradford just down the road, and I can’t decide whether I like it or not.


  6. Sharon

    Interesting! I do agree. Modern building have their place but their location is important. Personally, I prefer the older buildings, which have real personality and have lasted the years!



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