The starting point for this week’s Sepia Saturday will send participants running for all the harp and angel related  photos in their family albums







is for hair which sometimes supports a circlet of flowers such as in the ring of roses worn by the bride and bridesmaid in this 1948 family wedding at Scots  Church, Melbourne,

Norma's Weddinga - Copy

is for angel – it is believed that angels play harps but in this case my angelic granddaughter clasps a recorder.

angel-12-97r - Copy

is for repeat because I have another angel to show you,  a knitted knitting angel.

Knitting Angelp - Copy

is for playing a musical instrument, not a harp this time but another stringed instrument, the piano, played by the young angel above, practising during her brief venture into piano lessons.

piano practices

is for St John of God Hospital in Geelong where for over twenty years harpist  Peter Roberts has offered music on a one-to-one basis to fragile and vulnerable people in a medical setting,  compassionate care through music.

Peter Roberts music Thanatologist at St John of God Hospital

Peter Roberts music Thanatologist at St John of God Hospital

(From Australian Story ABC TV 14-6-2010 Transcript here)

PETER ROBERTS, THANATOLOGIST: The instrument itself doesn’t have the power. It sits there on its own and it doesn’t do anything until it’s touched. It’s about the person who’s playing it. Honestly, it is. When I take the harp out of the car and roll it into the hospital, usually there’s curiosity and surprise. A funny thing usually happens when I get into an elevator with people and there’s that silence that happens when the door closes. And I always say, “You’re in big trouble now.” And then they’ll laugh and they’ll say, “Well where are your wings?” I always say that well the music is not that good.

Each time a baby is born at St John of God they play a short recording of Peter playing  Brahms Lullaby on his harp over the loud speaker system  to announce the birth.  And when you are lying in bed sick and hear this soft, slow and sweet  melody it is very comforting to know that life is just starting somewhere else in the building.

This is the segment but played by John Kovac.   Do close your eyes and listen and let your thoughts roam free.

You can see more people connecting to this weeks theme image on Sepia Saturday

10 thoughts on “H…A…R…P…S

  1. boobook48

    I wish I had thought of this first:)
    I’m away for a few days and won’t have time now to post but I was struggling to find an image.


  2. La Nightingail

    A very clever take on the theme! Your granddaughter is lovely, by the way. 🙂 And how ‘cool’ is Mr. Peter Roberts and his harp! Many kudos to him for sharing his talent in such a way. And how neat the hospital plays a recording of him playing “Brahms Lulluby” every time a new baby is born. How uplifting that must be for everyone who hears it. And thanks for including the recording so we could hear it, too!


  3. hmchargue

    This is so lovely in every way. I love your granddaughter barefoot at the piano. The idea of playing the harp in a hospital is so soothing and peaceful. Excellent post.


  4. jofeath

    My husband’s aunt Dawn Featherston passed away in that Geelong hospital in 1995. She was only there a few days but it would be nice to think she heard the harp being played, or at least a recording of it. She loved welcoming new babies with lovely knitted outfits. I like your knitted angel too!


  5. Karen S.

    C.L.E.V.E.R. indeed, clearly loving events throughout, and thanks for including the music, which this post offered much harp music I’m guessing while we lingered over what to post!


  6. Susan Donaldson

    Such an inventive “take” on the theme! I loved the photo of your angelic granddaughter, and the moving account of music in hospitals. Here locally there is an organisation called “Harmony” which organises visits by musicians to care homes and hospitals – I am a great believer in the therapeutic value of music to soothe anxious souls, as Peter did.


  7. Mike Brubaker

    An excellent idea to spin a new theme from letters. I especially like the music which conveys that calm and tranquil quality of the harp sound, (though it can be played with vigor and gusto too!) I also enjoyed learning about a Thanatologist, which is musical therapy I did not know had an official title.



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