The Best of Intentions

I really try to respond to Sepia Saturday’s suggestions for  posts each week.  I really do.  But sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Chess bTake three weeks ago for example. Chess.   The day this suggestion was posted I walked into our local librrary to pick up a book I’d ordered and right in front of me was a chess board, albeit a rather limp one. Out came the phone and snap, snap, there was a photo which perhaps I could include in a post.

I planned how I could include how my husband made a marble topped chess table – all the meticulous cutting of grey/black and white marble into small blocks and reassembling them, followed by the slow polishing to make a smooth surface and lowering into the lovely dark polished table.  A few shots of the chess set and the books and hey presto a post.  But it never happened.

The next week – a tunnel.  Well, this was the nearest I could come to a tunnel.

Cave at Queenscliff 1950 Norma Barbara DoreenIn 1950 Bendigo Teachers’ College sent its students to Queenslcliff for a one week Physical Education camp.  Plenty of spare time to explore the surrounds.  Does this look like a Tunnel.  Perhaps not.  More like a cave, or is it just an indentation in the cliff.  Is that Poldark’s Aidan Turner I see lurking in the shadows, storing contraband in the cave?  My mistake, this is not Cornwall, it is Australia.  Actually my friends say he is eye candy.  I fail to see it myself.  Oh dear.  Nothing got done.

desk 1963And this week the suggestion is a typewriter.  When I think of the procession of typewriters, word processors  and computers whose keyboards I have pounded you would think there would be a photo somewhere but no such luck.  But a typewriter usually sits on a desk and this 1963  photo shows a small portion of one of the desks we have had.  And no, she never took up smoking.

And coming up for the next three weeks we have hotels, fish and students.

As usual I have the best of intentions.

For others who have no trouble with their intentions consult Sepia Saturday 2015.05W-104



12 thoughts on “The Best of Intentions

  1. La Nightingail

    ‘Better late than never’, I always say! Looks like you covered the latest bases pretty well. I’ll be looking forward to what you do with the next three prompts! 🙂


  2. jamestaylor

    Haha, regardless of whether you kept up or not, always a good read and gets my old grey matter churning off in another direction. Never know what I am going to read here but never been disappointed. BTW, my dearest says Poldark is yummy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jofeath

    What a pity you don’t have a picture of that chess table your husband made, but yes, better late than never was my immediate thought too. Some of the subjects have been a little unorthodox of late, and I’ve been struggling too, and will for the next couple as well, but I think I have something for the unsmiling group prompt.


    1. boundforoz Post author

      Well I don’t really need a photo as it is sitting in the corner. But I would have taken a snap if i had got around to writing the post. But I should take a photo just for the records.

      Liked by 1 person


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