One two three, One two three

The image for Sepia Saturday this week  with its long dresses could be interpreted as dance time, dance time when dancing was dancing and not jiggity jig, hoppity hop.

And so learning to dance properly was de rigueur.   Circa 1960 at Sunshine High School in the Melbourne suburbs students devoted one period a week  to a club of their choice.  These photos are from the Dancing Club.  Ballroom dancing, of course.

Sunshine High Danicing Club 2Sunshine High Danicing Club 1Sunshine High Danicing Club 3First Dance Dress








And a girl eventually got her first long dance dress, this time Christmas holidays at Apollo Bay in 1946/7 –  layers of blue and pink tulle with a corsage on the shoulder of blue and pink plastic flowers.





And more interpretations of Sepia Saturday’s image can be found listed on Sepia Saturday.


7 thoughts on “One two three, One two three

  1. La Nightingail

    Lovely dress, but – plastic flowers? We usually had wrist corsages because we wore strapless gowns. One time my hair didn’t come out right & I had to sweep it back on one side & anchor it with clips disguised with a row of turquoise silk flowers (the only ones I had that looked nice enough). My gown was white & I figured the only color the turquoise fake flowers wouldn’t go with was green & there was no such thing as green flowers. But my boyfriend at the time worked in a florist shop & brought me an exquisite arrangement of rare green orchids. No problem. Fake turquoise on the right, the orchids on my left wrist & never the twain were seen together. Whew.


  2. hmchargue

    Ballroom dancing…how lovely you were taught that. We learned folk dances and I remember only the polka as being useful as an adult. The few ballroom dancers I know have graceful carriage but whether it was learned in dancing classes or a natural gift, I don’t know. It sure looks like fun.



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