A baby in Adelaide in 1869

My contribution to Sepia Saturday this week, with its request for mother and baby photos is this carte de visite presenting  John Henry Baynham Bosley  born in Adelaide 6th June 1869 and sitting on the knee of his mother Corah.

ManWoman3chnAdelaideThis photographer changed the information on the back of his cards from time to time and this allows us to date this photo to  1869 – 1870.

BackOfManWoman3chnAlso in the photo is Thomas George Dufty Bosley. born October 1867,  sitting on his father’s knee, with Eliza Bosley born 1864 standing between her parents. There had been another daughter Annie but she had died. These children are my grandfather’s cousins.

The father in the photo is Thomas Bosley who came from Coleford in Gloucestershire and he was the older brother of my great grandmother Eliza Fricke We have seen her before in Tea Time with Bikes , at home in Newland St Coleford and as the mother of the bride in  the Bride was Eliza.

But we have also met  the toddler Thomas George on the right of the photo when he was older  in Men in Aprons – Potters   When this Tom Jr. was nine years old he began work at Hindmarsh Pottery  as an apprentice  to his Uncle George, now his stepfather.   His job was to weigh up the clay and prepare the balls for “throwing”.

Thomas and Corah had six children before Thomas died in 1873, three months before his sixth child was born.  Corah who was still in her twenties  then married Thomas’s younger brother George and had six more children.

This photo was in the possession of Eliza Fricke (nee Bosley), when she died.  She lived in Carisbrook, Victoria and her two brothers in Adelaide, South Australia.  Eliza Fricke’s two Bosley brothers are the only Adelaide connection discovered in the family ,  No one has said that this is a photo of Thomas and Corah Bosley and their children but my identification is based upon the  fact of Eliza Fricke’s two brothers living in Adelaide , the dating of the photo from recorded identifications used on the back of the carte de visite, and the order and ages of the children.

Another carte de visite from Adelaide dated at 1874 – 5 is this photo which I believe is the younger brother George, the second husband to Corah. He was a prominent potter in Adelaide at that time.

T.Duryea   Artist   Photographer No 57872 Carte de visite believed to 1874-5

I am quite confident with my deductions;  Until someone proves me wrong.

More Mums and Bubs and other bits and pieces are to found on this week’s Sepia Saturday.


12 thoughts on “A baby in Adelaide in 1869

  1. Wendy Mathias

    I like all the clues you found in the photo to date it. I have found several cases in my own family tree of young widows marrying their husband’s brother and widowers marrying their wife’s sister.


  2. La Nightingail

    I always think, when I see family portraits from back in the day, how unfortunate they couldn’t be allowed to smile because of the camera’s limitations. Otherwise, that family portrait would have had a much happier look. Corah appears to be a very pretty woman, & Thomas, a rather handsome fellow which would have shown up even better, had they been able to smile. Oh well. They’re still a handsome family. But TWELVE children? Aaaack!


  3. jamestaylor

    I am green with envy that you have photos of so many ancestors.

    Despite that I am enjoying your writing. Please keep going.


  4. jofeath

    Great when you can deduce the identity of people in old family photographs. Poor Coral might not have had too much to smile about, even when not posing for the camera, with all those children coming in quick succession!


  5. Lorraine (Boobook)

    I’m in awe of Corah. When photographed she’s been pregnant four times and lost a child and she’s still very, very young but look how beautifully dressed the family is. How sad that her handsome Thomas died.


  6. Joan

    None of my family were the kind who thoughtfully dated, named persons and places on the back of photos. Drives me crazy!! And, are my photographs so identified?? HA, not by a long shot. Good sluething, you did.



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