The Royal Jubilee 1935 as seen by Weldon’s Ladies Journal

This week Sepia Saturday showed us his magazine cover, so now I’ll show him mine.  Actually it belonged to my mother and it was a Souvenir of the Royal Jubilee, 1910-1935 which was included with the English magazine  Weldon’s Ladies’  Journal in April 1935, one of Weldon’s  range of publishing interests.

Their tribute was to King George V ( the grandson of Queen Victoria) and Queen Mary, celebrating fifteen years on the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, as well as other bits and pieces around the world.   At times the emphasis is on the part women have played during those years.  You will probably need to click on the images and enlarge them to read the explanations.

Royal Jubilee 1935 Weldons magazine b

Weldon's 1935 Page 1Weldon’s Ladies Journal was started in 1875 (or 1879, depending on the source)  and was the first magazine specifically designed for the mass public.

Weldon's 1935 Page 9 The magazines were very conservative and centred around the home and reflected upper class tastes and fashions.

But times were changing and during World War I women worked at many different jobs for the first time.

Wooman Chimney sweepJust fancy, a woman winning the rifle shooting competition at Bisley in 1930, and women members of Parliament.

Weldon's 1935 Page 14King George and Queen Mary had seen great improvements in the motor car

Weldon's 1935 page 19and were living through the birth of Television.

Weldon's 1935 page 21

Weldon's 1935 Page 31

Finally the small town of Appledore  in Devon celebrating the Jubilee.  This video, found on YouTube,  put together by  a young girl who was there with photos taken by her father.  Watch for the two little girls in the striped crepe paper dresses.

Before becoming King, as tbe Duke of York, George visited Australia in 1901 and opened the first Session of Parliament when the Commonwealth of Australia was formed from the several States.

King George V died in January 1936 but Queen Mary lived long enough to see her granddaughter become Queen Elizabeth II.

More links to magazine covers and other goodies can be seen at Sepia Saturday.




13 thoughts on “The Royal Jubilee 1935 as seen by Weldon’s Ladies Journal

  1. Lorraine

    I remember seeing the Pankhurst statue and have a photo somewhere. I was surprised at how close to the parliament buildings it was but she was a suffragette after all.


  2. postcardy

    I collect things from Chicago’s 1933-34 Century of Progress exposition. There was a lot of progress from 1833 to 1933, but It seems like the most progress was made in the quarter century covered by your magazine.


  3. La Nightingail

    A fine entry! Many magazines &/or newspapers here have had either supplements or special sections dedicated to William & Kate’s wedding & also the birth of Prince George. What a beautiful couple the parents are, & what a little doll Prince George is!


  4. ScotSue

    I have always been fascinated by old magazines and newspapers and have some souvenir editions e.g. of the coronation. It never occurred to me to use them for this week’s prompt, so thank you for coming up with the idea with such interesting images.


  5. jofeath

    Lots of great historical photographs in that magazine. I love the quote that no one had proved a better example of the greatness of British Womanhood than Queen Mary.


  6. Wendy

    Magazines do a good job of capturing milestones or significant events that make them keepers. In my visits to thrift and antique shops, a lot of commemorative magazines have popped up particularly relating to Princess Diana.


  7. Melissa

    Not only is that a really interesting souvenir to have, but it shows a snippet of time with the cars, radios, and other milestones. So neat to see what was important enough to publish at the time!


  8. Barbara Fisher

    I loved the video put together by the two girls. It reminded me of a crepe paper dress my mum made for me. I was a daffodil (of all things) in a school play, so the top part (the trumpet) was in yellow crepe paper and the skirt, cut in the shape of leaves was in green. During the play, I had to stand at the side of the stage and wave around in the breeze! I wish I had a photograph, but sadly I don’t think any were taken.



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