A rather large tent

For this week’s Saturday Sepia theme of tents I will go back to some men at a sheep sale in 1920 at the large Kooba station in New South Wales which I used in a previous post .

Kooba was a 120,000 acre station in south-central New South Wales . The station had been sold and it was time to sell its 40,000 sheep as well as some cattle and horses. But this time the picture  is of a tent.

Sheep Sale Cars and Tent cIt is believed that this photo was taken on that day.  It’s hard to know what the tent was used for – was it a refreshment tent – you can see a wagon pulled up at the back of the tent which could have brought supplies.  Or was it used as a place for business.  A bonus is seeing all the lovely old cars and the beautiful setting for the tent.

Sheep Sale TentLooking closer you can see men who appear to be sitting at a table.

Kooba Sale Newspaper report

Other tents at other places can be seen via Sepia Saturday




18 thoughts on “A rather large tent

  1. La Nightingail

    That is one humongous canopy, & then there’s a regular tent set up off to the side, too? I wonder what that one was used for? And all those old cars are great. Nice post!


  2. Lorraine

    My guess is a refreshment tent because by late October would have been getting pretty warm (although I see the gents are all wearing their suit coats). Or maybe it’s where they did their business transactions, handed over their big cheques!


  3. Wendy

    Such interesting photos! My guess on the tent is that it is way too big for a man to collect the money, so it must have been multi-purpose: a place to seal the deal, a place to get out of the sun or in case of rain, a place to get a drink. The men who have come to buy look like businessmen, which surely points to their views about their profession — while they were ranchers and farmers probably, that’s serious business and they dressed the part. I like the guy in the small black and white photo with the turned-down brim and papers folded under his arm. I don’t know why, but he looks quintessential Australian to me. I’m sure it’s the hat.


  4. Bob Scotney

    We are seeing a lot of tents this week from Australia and New Zealand – you must have the weather for it. This is the biggest so far – great for those who want to relax in the shade,


  5. Barbara

    Fabulous ‘photos, I love all the old cars. The three men leaning up against the car (in the last picture) make me think of The Great Gatsby. It’s something about their attitude – sort of relaxed confidence.
    I’m really enjoying all the ‘Sepia Saturday’ posts and might even pluck up the courage to join in soon 🙂


    1. boundforoz Post author

      Yes, they look very nonchalant. The man in the middle consulting a book worked for the firm which was organizing the sale. Perhaps the other two did also. I look forward to seeing your photos some time soon.


  6. cassmob

    What a great photo this is… So curious when we don’t quite know what was going on. I enlarged it and I reckon there’s a table to the left…perhaps to register bidders or are those men lined up at the bar. It would have been a frenetic day despite the seemingly casual poses…lots of cash being splashed.


  7. Tattered and Lost

    I can’t help but think of a saying about “country” music performers. All hat, no cows. In this case I look at the guys there to buy and think “All hats and no sheep.” Most left empty handed, but I’m sure they had a good time…as long as it wasn’t downwind from the 40,000 sheep.



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