Telford Brothers Posing for a Picture

Posing is a great word for the theme for this week’s Sepia Saturday   

Here the art of posing is displayed by three of my grandmother’s uncles, rather superior young men looking down their noses,  Telford brothers from Apollo Bay which in earlier days was known as Krambruk.    They were the youngest boys in a family of thirteen.

They show themselves as young bachelors, very much young men about town, though in a tiny little town like Apollo Bay it wouldn’t have been hard to be young men about town !

Three Telford BrothersFrom the left is Arthur Alfred Telford  (1883) , Norman Noble Telford  (1886)  and William Wallace Telford  (1879).   Norman was born the same year as his niece,  my grandmother   Their parents were Scottish, from Linton in Roxburghshire and Fauldhouse in Linlithgowshire.

I think this photo could be c1900+.  Here are some other photos of the three of them in the same order.  This second photo of Arthur Alfred appears to have been taken on the same day as the group photo.

Notice the alliteration in the christian names.  This had only started with the tenth child – Abner Albert.

More posing, lurking and sharing can be found through this week’s Sepia Saturday



10 thoughts on “Telford Brothers Posing for a Picture

  1. jofeath

    I like those alliterative names, and re Apollo Bay, you could say there wasn’t much town to be about! Hard to recognise Norman Noble Telford in his later years.


  2. La Nightingail

    People do funny things with names. Alliteration as in Arthur Alfred. Same first letter for names of all members of the family including mom & dad. (Jim, Janet, James, Julie, Jordan–). Names beginning with successive letters of the alphabet (Amy, Bruce, Cory, David, Eunice–). Or they get cute: Rip Torn (his real name!). Most in our family are named – at least in part – after forebears but with other names to keep them separate. No Jr.s. My son wanted one of his son’s to have his same name, but not as a Jr., so they simply turned it around so the son had his father’s middle name as his first name, & his first name as his middle name!


  3. Mike Brubaker

    A fine photo for this weekend’s theme. The style of posing subjects looking off in all directions creates a strange impression of casual disconnect between friends and family. The umbrella also seems to be a regular prop for photographers of the era. Maybe it conveys a sense of culture or aspiration of upper class.


  4. cassmob

    I’m a bit of a fan of alliteration myself but managed to avoid it with my children’s names 😉 These men are looking very serious, probably so they could hold still while the photo was taken.


  5. Wendy

    The alliteration was the first thing I noticed and planned to comment on. It’s funny the “thing” people latch onto in naming children – alliterative names, all children’s names beginning with the same letter.


  6. Chris Lester

    Arthur Telford is my great grandfather, Ron Telford my grandfather. I’d really appreciate if you could get in touch as I would like to get access to some of your photos and information and I have some stuff I’m sure you’ll be interested in.



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