Straight Hair and Rag Sausages

Dear Sepia Saturday.

You wanted photos of hair this week.  Just look at the beautiful photos members have been posting.  But let me remind you that not all of us have beautiful, lush, gleaming sensual rolls of thick, lustrous, magniificent hair..  Some of us for the whole of our lives have had thin, stringy, sparse, dull, straight, straight hair which at a time when straight  hair was unfashionable hair  needed to be tortured with strips of rag for hours to have any semblance of a Shirley Temple curl for a special occasion.

Respectfully,  boundforoz

Newstead 1936

The only evidence I have of rag “sausages” on the girl on the right. Newstead 1936.

And for more hair photos go to this week’s Sepia Saturday links.


11 thoughts on “Straight Hair and Rag Sausages

  1. La Nightingail

    I never had rag sausage curls, but I remember my mom coming close to swearing (which she never, ever, did – where I could hear, anyway) while trying to put my thick unruly hair up in curlers for a home permanent. No sooner would she get a strip of hair successfully rolled up & begin on the next strip than the first would spring free of its curler constraint – the curler & accompanying little paper falling to the floor. In later years I slept on foam curlers. Then along came those curlers you could boil in water on the stove to get hot so you only had to put your hair up for maybe half an hour. Does anyone remember those? Now, of course, we have all manner of electric curlers that curl in a matter of minutes. But since my hair has turned gray, it curls like a dream & a professional perm holds for almost a year! There are a few perks to getting older. :))


  2. postcardy

    I never heard of rag sausages before. I think there were foam rollers that had the same effect. I used to use brush and/or aluminum rollers to make my wavy hair straighter and turn under instead of wave naturally.


  3. jofeath

    I never had any need for rags to make waves or ringlets, but I saw your comment about Marcel waves on another blog, which I never knew had a name – to me that rippled effect is just what my hair does naturally, and I’ve always tried my best to avoid discourage it. I would love straight hair!


  4. Tattered and lost

    I had a friend in high school who’s hair was ruler straight. It was the 60s so she was in fashion and didn’t need to fight the curls and waves I had. But now that she’s a senior citizen I do wonder what she does with that straight straight hair.



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