A Quartet of Hats

Hat to the power of four should satisfy Sepia Saturday’s need for groups of four this week.

Put something on your head and  it automatically becomes a hat, in this case 1960s style.


And now, having performed my quartet, I can go and indulge myself by investigating a single postcard with a trip down memory lane.  You can join me to read about

that handsome, dashing hero

The Red Shadow – in Melbourne


Or go to Sepia Saturday for more groups of four.


11 thoughts on “A Quartet of Hats

  1. La Nightingail

    Oh my goodness! I went on to view “The Red Shadow” & what fun. I saw the movie with Gordon McRae & Katherine Grayson, but the mention of Dennis Morgan made me smile because I sang in a church choir for several years with Dennis except he was using his given name, Stanley, by then. He had a wonderful rich tenor voice. Not only that, but when we moved from the area, he gave me a whole stack of his music. He, being a tenor, and I, a soprano, made it possible for me to sing several of the pieces he gave me. Quite a thrill.



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