Climbing the Mystery Rocks

Did you ever see the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock  where a group of schoolgirls mysteriously disappear ? They were  on a St Valentine’s Day picnic in 1900 and disappeared while climbing the rocky outcrop of Hanging Rock  near Woodend in Central Victoria. It was based on a book written by Joan Lindsay in 1967

We visited the Rock in 1950 and climbed the 105 metres from the surrounding plain to the top of this rock formation but the magical powers of the Rock  played no tricks on us.

Hanging Rock 1 Once the haunt of bushrangers Hanging Rock is now a Public Recreation Reserve. Annual horse races are held at the foot of the geological formation and it is a favorite picnc spot.  But these days there is always the air of mystery in its nooks and crannies  as to how did those fictional girls disappear, never to be seen again.

The Turner family and friends  knew nothing of this when  they 1950.

Hanging Rock 2Less than an hour’s drive to the north of Melbourne it is close to Woodend  and  near Mount Macedon, a former volcano. Here is Hanging Rock rising from a sea of fog, its rocks mostly hidden by its trees.

hanging rock 3 aJust wondering, but if the Hanging Rock Reservation is so benign, why do they only open it to the public in the daytime ?

2014.02W.36This week’s theme is a collection of rocks which is part of a mountain in Norway being visited by three famous composers.   In my rocky photos I can find three pianists, a saxophonist and a drummer, all of a less famous variety.   You may find more rocks, musicians and perhaps even a telescope in the links on this week’s Sepia Saturday.

10 thoughts on “Climbing the Mystery Rocks

  1. Wendy

    Hanging Rock seems to be floating in that last photo, giving it that spooky look to go along with the reputation, well, the movie version anyway.


  2. La Nightingail

    The picture of Hanging Rock is, as Wendy says, eerily beautiful floating in the fog. But looking at the picture, I’m wondering why it’s called Hanging Rock? I don’t see any rocks hanging over anywhere? Was someone hung there in the past?


  3. Jackie van Bergen

    I used to love going there for the races when I lived in Melbourne – and for the annual Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock with all the local foodies and wineries – great memories, thanks.


  4. luvviealex

    Loved that film – seminal in my youth. Comes across as a bit overplayed now but still some wonderful scenes. Much later in life I got to meet one of the actresses who screamed “Miranda” when she went missing. Lots of fun.



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