A Merry Sepian Christmas from Down Under

Christmas at Glen, Avon, Apollo Bay, 1938??????????????Christmas at my grandparent’s farm, Glen Avon, Apollo Bay

on the south coast of Victoria

in 1938

complete with gum tree Christmas tree

And how different times were when a new handkerchief pinned to the tree was to be treasured..  This year’s new addition to the family was given a doll and there were some crackers for the dinner table, all displayed on a gum tree branch from down the paddock.

We didn’t know that day that less than 3 weeks later, on Black Friday, January 13th 1939, we would spend the night on the beach watching the smoke and sparks billow from behind the distant headland each time a house in Lorne caught fire. We had come down from the farm with Grandma’s glory box strapped onto the luggage rack at the back of the car.  the car was always known as “Susie”

smoke on horizonThis photo of fire on the horizon came form Jack Jones oral history of this fire in the Otways.  Jack was 18 at the time.

But this happy  Aussie Christmas song didn’t come until later.

And a very  Merry Christmas to you all.

And for more Christmas writings from the sepians go to Sepia Saturday


11 thoughts on “A Merry Sepian Christmas from Down Under

  1. Mike Brubaker

    That is one sepia photo that I’d like to see in color. Obviously the classic fir tree for Christmas is not available for every part of the globe and it’s interesting see how resourceful people can be.
    Best wishes for a joyful holiday.



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