Apollo Bay and the Folding Kodak

Hazel Enid Charlie Beach AB c1928  It is about 1928 down at the beach at Apollo Bay in southern Victoria.  Relaxing in their woollen bathing costumes are brother and sisters Hazel, Enid and Charles Fricke..  All three are teachers and the time is the summer school holidays.

Holding the camera to take this photo was Charles’ friend, Vera Tansey from Castlemaine, who was later to become his fiance and then his wife.  Charles was teaching in Castlemaine.  Vera changed places with Enid and Enid took the next shot of Hazel, Vera and Charles.

Hazel Vera Charlie Beach AB c1928

BUT, what is that on Vera’s left shoulder ? I’m wondering if it’s some wonderful little gadget of the times for chasing away those never-ending clouds of flies.

fly chaserA beach picnic was held on another day when it doesn’t appear to be quite as warm,  This time Enid, Charles and Hazel  are joined by their younger brother Allan, a future public servant, complete with cap.  No parasols were need for protection from the sun that day.

Enid Charlie Allan Haxel beach AB c1928All these photos were taken on a Kodak folding camera. which was still taking great photos in the late 1950s and was always stored in its carrying case,

Kodak Folding Cameracamera caseTwenty years after the beach photos if you had that same Kodak and you wanted a selfie, well, you just got and length of string !

Selfie 1948  aSelfie 1948  b

13 thoughts on “Apollo Bay and the Folding Kodak

  1. Boobook

    Love those ‘selfie’ photos – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that before.
    I’m wondering if the the item on Vera’s shoulder is a decorative tassel on the handle of a parasol – I think I can see the end of the handle near Charles’ shoulder.


  2. Jo in Melbourne Aus

    Great photographs – i didn’t realise costumes were quite so revealing in the 1929s. So who is in the charming selfie – yourself and a beau?


  3. Deb Gould

    Remember those cameras — I loved to watch it fold up into itself; thought it was pretty amazing (I was about five years old, easily impressed). Great “selfie” shots!


  4. Kat Mortensen

    I love the string-selfie! I can only imagine how itchy and heavy those woolen bathings suits would be, especially when wet. Between that and the flies, a trip to the beach would have to have lots of good food involved for me to want to take part!


  5. Little Nell

    Those images are very clear, and how lovely to see the old camera and its case. The photos of the young couple and their bits of string are charming – it was a very succesful mechanism.


  6. Dee

    I love these photos! It is so wonderful to have photos of ones ancestors, but during the time that it became easy for them to take candids, the photos are so special.

    You commented on one of my photos for this Sepia Saturday. I’ve written a follow-up post on that photo.




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